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The Capital to Make It Happen,
The Experience to Make It a Success

Miller Companies manages a diverse portfolio of operations, investment, and technology companies in the AI, aviation, and regulated gaming industries. We focus on startups, early stage companies and special situations where our expertise can produce outsized results for all stakeholders.
Industry 01
AI Applications
Industry 02
Aviation & Aerospace
Industry 03
Regulated Gaming
Industry 04
Angel Investing
Industry 05
Advisory Services
Industry 06
Real Estate
Invest in Tomorrow, Today
Our approach is guided by a clear vision: to invest in areas where we can make the most impact. By focusing on industries such as AI technology, aviation, and regulatory compliance, we not only tap into the pulse of modern innovation but also contribute to shaping industries that matter. At Miller Companies, we're not just investing in businesses; we're investing in the future.

Let's Build Success Together

If you're leading an early-stage company or have a unique opportunity in AI technology, aviation, regulated gaming, and anything in between, we want to hear from you. Connect with us, and let's explore how our expertise can elevate your venture.

+1 (312) 720-0521

201 East Ogden Ave., #18-1

Hinsdale, Il 60521

Thank You!

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